Fall Academic Workshop Schedule

  PRESENTERS TOPICS 3 (Sept 11) Elizabeth-Mon 3pm Chamira- Wed 3pm Working in Groups Multiculturalism 4 (Sept 18) Mechelle-Mon 3:30pm Tiffany Sharpe-Wed 1pm Study Skills Stress Management 6 RES HALL (Oct 2) Katie Chamira Test Taking Strategies FALL BREAK FALL BREAK FALL BREAK 8 RES HALL (Oct 16) Alex Katie Note Taking Strategies 9 (Oct […]

Overrides into MATH courses

If you have a student who’s need a math course in the calc sequence (100-161) please contact the Department – they will review on a case-by-case basis and based on actual space availability in classes. x8-3558 Please continue to consult with Joe or Betsi on math placement-related issues before contacting John Houlihan.  Please also keep […]

CJC 101 Overrides

From the Department: Below are the CJC 101 class capacity for each section.  As long as we are not exceeding the room’s capacity, you may continue to enroll students in CJC 101 for the fall semester.   CJC 101-001 Room Capacity: 52 Cuneo Hall, Room 312 Students currently enrolled as of today: 42   CJC […]

No ALEKS/MDT After 8/26

The last ALEKS / MDT (Math Diagnostic Test) will be offered on Saturday, 8/26 – no further testing opportunities for the fall semester will be offered after this (opportunities will be offered later in the semester for those wishing to place into a math course in the spring). It is very likely that we will […]

International Student Advising Notes

Thanks Akeya… If the student DOES NOT have a fall schedule. Akeya would like to meet with them as they might be 1. Newly admitted 2. Matriculating from ESL. 3. ICAP part-time or full-time. Students MUST be enrolled in 12 credits or more. Please READ LOCUS notes as there may be a reason why a […]

Engineering Science Advising Reminders

Thanks Hanna… Students need to be MATH 161-ready to enroll in PHYS 111K. Students can swap MATH 161, BIOL 101, and BIOL 111 sections to their hearts’ content. They should not drop these unless they have AP or DE credit (which none of them should be surprising us with at this point). There is only […]