Computer Science (COMP) – 125 vs. 150 vs. 163, and AP exams

Insights on the differences between these courses from Dr. Greenberg:

COMP 125 is basically a programming course in its entirety. Until this semester, it ran several times using AppInventor (where you drag blocks around in a graphical user interface to create your program) to create Apps for Android phones. This semester, a new tack is being explored with the language “Processing”, which is particularly well-suited to making artistic creations. Either of these approaches or some other beginning-programming variation may occur in the future.

COMP 150 attempts to give a broader survey of ideas in computer science, while spending about half the time on programming in Python, a relatively low-overhead, easy-startup language but of a more traditional variety than AppInventor or Processing. Content here also may shift a bit; this course is now the course that students will get credit for if they complete AP Computer Science Principles (new exam being offered for the first time this year). (There is still AP Computer Science A on Java programming that earns credit for COMP 170.)



AP Computer Science Principles – a score of 4 or 5 earns credit for COMP 150

AP Computer Science A – a score of 4 or 5 earns credit for COMP 170



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