History (HIST) 103 & 104 vs. 203 & 204 Core

From JoBeth D’Agostino (Provost’s Office):

“In the Course Catalog and Class Browse, students will see that HIST 103 and 104 will now be Tier 1 Historical Knowledge Area courses.  In the ARR, HIST 203 and 204 come up as Tier 1 Historical- this is because the number change in the ARR will not be effective until 6/15/17.  Registration & Records has offered to add a note to the ARR that will let students know that this number change will occur in June.”  (I said “yes please.”)

Regarding AP Credit for World History:

Previously, this came in as an equivalent to HIST 204.  Going forward, this will come in as an equivalent to HIST 104.  If a current student asks for their AP World History credit to fulfill the Tier 1 requirement instead of Tier 2, you can honor the request with a course directive.

To clarify, this is different from a student who either received dual credit for HIST 203/204, or if a current student has actually taken HIST 203 or 204 at Loyola.  In these cases, they will not be approved to move these courses from Tier 2 to Tier 1.  The rationale here is that while HIST 103 & 104 are materially different from 203 & 204, the AP exam is broad enough that it could reasonably accommodate either version of those courses.


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