Math Placement ALEKS – Rules, Spring Exam Schedule

  • Math Placement scores based on ACT/SAT expire two years after the test was actually taken.
  • ALEKS scores from the actual placement exam expire one year after the test was taken.
  • If a student starts in a sequence but withdraws or earns a low grade, s/he may attempt the course again even if his/her score has expired.  Example:  a student is placed in MATH 118 based on an ACT Math score of 26, earned on 3/15/2015.  The student then attempts to take MATH 118 in the Spring of 2017 but withdraws. If the student attempts to register for the course in the following semester but attempts to do so after 3/15/2017 (two years after the ACT Math score was earned), s/he will not be able to do so without an advisor override – you may grant the override because the student began/attempted to start the math sequence prior to the exam expiring.
  • From John Houlihan (Math Placement Director):
    • Other MPA test times: Bring a laptop, email to confirmIn IES 116:
      Tuesday, April 11…………12:30pm-2pm
      Tuesday, April 18………..12:30pm-2pm
      Tuesday, April 25………..12:30pm-2pm
      Friday, April 28……………1pm-3pm

      In CH 217 (Cuneo Hall)
      Friday, April 21……….12:45 – 2:30 pm


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