Finance (FINC) – Updates for 301, 332, 334, major

From Quinlan:

Dear Students:

I am writing to update you on some changes to the Business Core and the Finance major and minor that will take effect in the Fall 2017 semester.

Beginning next semester, two new courses will be added to the course catalog: FINC 301 (Introductory Business Finance) and FINC 334 (Principles of Corporate Finance). At the same time, FINC 332 (Business Finance) will be deactivated from the catalog. FINC 301 will replace FINC 332 as a required course in the Business Core, and will remain a prerequisite for MGMT 304 (Strategic Management), the Senior level capstone course.

The Finance major will increase from 18 to 21 credit hours, and FINC 334 will be added to the requirements for this major. Similarly, the Finance minor will increase from 9 to 12 credit hours with the addition of FINC 334. Please note that FINC 334 will also substitute for FINC 301 in the Business Core; Finance majors and minors do not need to take both courses. Any student who is considering Finance as a major or minor is strongly encouraged to take FINC 334.  Any student who has already declared Finance as a major or minor needs to take FINC 334 instead of FINC 301.

It is important to note that students must take Calculus (MATH 131 or 161) before FINC 334.  Additionally, FINC 334 must be taken before FINC 335 (Investments).

If you are a Finance major or minor and you have not yet taken FINC 332, it is vital that you take Calculus as soon as you are able, followed by FINC 334, so that you may begin your upper-level major courses. All other prerequisites for both FINC 301 and FINC 334 (Sophomore standing, ECON 201, ISSCM 241, pre- or co-requisite of ACCT 201) will remain the same.

Students who have already taken FINC 332 will not be affected by these changes. Finance majors who have taken FINC 332 will continue under the current major requirements. This means that if you have already taken FINC 332, you are still eligible to take FINC 335 without the need for FINC 334.

All other students should plan to take FINC 301 or FINC 334. Both classes are now available to search in LOCUS for Fall 2017. Students in the Quinlan Honors Program should plan to take FINC 334H, which will also be offered in Fall (regardless of whether or not you plan to major or minor in Finance).


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