FSYA Liaisons to Colleges & Schools

First and Second Year Advising: Liaison Assignments (a prettier/printable version is attached) FSYA Liaison Assignments_5_9_17
College of Arts and Sciences
Lauren Yurman: Mark Anthony Florido
 Anthropology
 Psychology
 African Studies and the African Diaspora
 Human Services
 Latin American and Latino/a Studies
 Neuroscience
 Peace Studies
Joyce Knight: Amanda Martinez
 Biology
 Chemistry and Biochemistry
 Bioinformantics
Lester Manzano: Keyona Castleman
 Computer Science
 Criminal Justice and Criminology
 Economics (B.A)
 Forensic Science
 Psyc of Crime
 Sociolegal studies
Jessica Powers: Cindy Chun
 Classical Studies
 Fine and Performing Arts
 Theology
 Inter Religious and Interfaith Studies
 Islamic World Studies
Adam Patricoski: Akeya Porter
 History
 Philosophy
 Asian Studies
 BioEthics
 Catholic Studies
 Medieval Studies
 Women and Gender Studies
Blake Chambliss: Leah Pasquesi
 Mathematics and Statistics
 Political Science
 Sociology
 European Studies
 International Studies
 Italian American Studies (new for Fall 17)
 Urban Studies
Nikki Mejstrik: Ethan Rucker
 Modern Languages and Literature
 Physics
 German Studies
 Polish Studies
 Rome Studies
Engineering: Hanna Ricketson
IES: Hanna Ricketson
School of Social Work: Talaya LeGette
School of Nursing: Carrie Daut
School of Education: Stephanie Sferra
School of Business: Bri Lauka and Pat Hoffman
School of Communication: Elizabeth Reynders
SCPS: Anani Moy



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