Suggested sequence for ENVS majors behind in calc…

(Courtesy of Dr. Peterson)

Here’s my take on whether a student pursuing a BS in Environmental Science could graduate in 4 years if they’re unable to take CHEM in the first year.


Definitely should be possible for straight EVSC-BS:


Freshman year:  1st – ENVS 137, BIOL 101/111                     2nd – BIOL 102/112

Sophomore year:  1st – CHEM 101/111                                    2nd – CHEM 102/112

Junior year:  1st – ENVS 280/286, ENVS 274/275                   2nd – 300-level elective

Senior year: 1st – 300-level elective                                          2nd – 300-level elective


Some 300-level electives that count toward the degree don’t require Ecology as a pre-req, so could be taken earlier.  Lots of other courses that count toward major have no pre-reqs and, thus, could be taken any time.


Degree w/ specializations should also be ok, although availability of specific 300-level classes required for those degrees may or may not be available when the student needs them.


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