LUCO 5: Promote UCLR 100 & Foundational Societal…

As we head into Day 2 of LUCO 5, we have over 30 open sections of UCLR 100.  We suspect this is due to three reasons:

  1. We have students waiting on English Lit AP credit (good reason)
  2. Some students confuse UCWR 110 with UCLR 100 (bad reason)
  3. Some students are afraid to take a “writing” and an “English” class in the same semester (bad reason)

To the extent that it is possible, please “promote” UCLR 100 – as we look ahead to LUCO 6 and 7, we want to avoid a scenario where we have a surplus of seats in UCLR 100 but no other Core options to go along with them.

Likewise, please also promote Foundational Societal & Cultural Core classes (nearly 25 sections of these courses are open and available).

Thank you and good day.


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