MATH 100, BIOL 101/111 and CHEM 101/111 Stalemates…

If you encountered any students during the Gold Rotation of LUCO 6 who were unable to enroll in the classes noted above due to lack of availability or time conflicts, please email me their names and LIDs, and we’ll take another look at their schedules once more class inventory becomes available. jdrake1 at luc dot […]

MATH 161 and Physics/Biophys Majors…

Physics majors (and related majors incl. Biophysics, “Physics & Engineering,” and Theoretical Phys & Math) can be overridden into MATH 161-001 and -005, as those are the only two sections that do not present a conflict with PHYS 125. To be clear, only Physics-related majors may be overridden into these two sections.

Override FREN 104-001 to 24

From the current cap of 20, per the request of Modern Languages.  As always, students with prior instruction/experience should take the Language Placement Exam prior to registering French, German, or Spanish (they can use the schedule change web site afterwards to request the appropriate level).

LUCO 5: Advising Notes & Reminders

 Day 1 Dress Code: Professional/business casual (no jeans), name tag Day 1 Lunch Time/Location: 12 noon – 1:30 p.m. in Sullivan 201 Day 1 Parent Lunch Reps: 12:30-1:30 p.m. in Simpson Dining (please arrive by 12:15) Advising Reps:  Akeya & Kathleen ALEKS Placement Update: Will be available around 11:30 for students who take ALEKS earlier […]

MATH 131/161

You may override into any section up to 40 students, unless you receive an error message that says “not in active status,” which may means the fire code limit for the room is <40.

PSYC 101 Overrides – Don’t Break It…

Are permitted under the following conditions: *Granted only for psych, neuroscience, nursing, and social work majors. *Overrides should not exceed the following limits for the following sections: Section 001 (MWF 815-905, #1277) – Not to exceed 125 total students Section 002 (MWF 1025-1115, #1278) – Not eligible for overrides over stated limit (some people have […]