Learning Community Spring Courses

Greenhouse: UCLR 100-13L (3711) (Justin Hastings) SOCL 101-002 (1472) (Anne Figert; not yet listed) International: HIST 102-003 (4715) (Aidan Forth; not yet listed) UCLR 100-02M (4221) (John Merchant; not yet listed) Leadership: ELPS 222-001 (3872) (Shannon Howes) ELPS 222-003 (6027) (Paige Gardner) PHIL 130-026 (4099) (Tom Derdak; not yet listed) SOCL 101-10 (3668) (Alma Begicevic; […]

Lecture/Lab Drops – Bio, Chem, Phys…

Biology – Department considers lectures and labs to be completely different classes – drop the lecture/keep the lab at any time, no restrictions. Chemistry – May only drop the week of Oct. 30, and student cannot be failing the lecture.  If an early grade alert does not confirm lecture grade, please send the student to […]

Fall Academic Workshop Schedule

  PRESENTERS TOPICS 3 (Sept 11) Elizabeth-Mon 3pm Chamira- Wed 3pm Working in Groups Multiculturalism 4 (Sept 18) Mechelle-Mon 3:30pm Tiffany Sharpe-Wed 1pm Study Skills Stress Management 6 RES HALL (Oct 2) Katie Chamira Test Taking Strategies FALL BREAK FALL BREAK FALL BREAK 8 RES HALL (Oct 16) Alex Katie Note Taking Strategies 9 (Oct […]

Overrides into MATH courses

If you have a student who’s need a math course in the calc sequence (100-161) please contact the Department – they will review on a case-by-case basis and based on actual space availability in classes. x8-3558 Please continue to consult with Joe or Betsi on math placement-related issues before contacting John Houlihan.  Please also keep […]

CJC 101 Overrides

From the Department: Below are the CJC 101 class capacity for each section.  As long as we are not exceeding the room’s capacity, you may continue to enroll students in CJC 101 for the fall semester.   CJC 101-001 Room Capacity: 52 Cuneo Hall, Room 312 Students currently enrolled as of today: 42   CJC […]

No ALEKS/MDT After 8/26

The last ALEKS / MDT (Math Diagnostic Test) will be offered on Saturday, 8/26 – no further testing opportunities for the fall semester will be offered after this (opportunities will be offered later in the semester for those wishing to place into a math course in the spring). It is very likely that we will […]