International Student Advising Notes

Thanks Akeya… If the student DOES NOT have a fall schedule. Akeya would like to meet with them as they might be 1. Newly admitted 2. Matriculating from ESL. 3. ICAP part-time or full-time. Students MUST be enrolled in 12 credits or more. Please READ LOCUS notes as there may be a reason why a […]

Engineering Science Advising Reminders

Thanks Hanna… Students need to be MATH 161-ready to enroll in PHYS 111K. Students can swap MATH 161, BIOL 101, and BIOL 111 sections to their hearts’ content. They should not drop these unless they have AP or DE credit (which none of them should be surprising us with at this point). There is only […]

Bioinformatics Info

A marketing/info sheet for bioinformatics (from the program director) it attached. Please note:  Bioinformatics (BIOI) majors DO NOT need to complete BIOL 111, 102 or 112.  They are able to register for BIOL 282 and for CHEM 223 without these courses. bioinfo-quickFactsFSYA2017

International Student Testing Info

August 20: move-in August 21 – 22: Pre-Orientation in Life Science hosted by OIP August 23-24: Orientation hosted by STO   ICAP = International Conditional Admitted Program ESL GSEA & GCAP = Graduate students   August 21 August 22 August 23 August 24 August 26 (Saturday) ESL Test Time: 9:00a-1:00p Location: SULL 253     […]

LUCO 7: Notes & Reminders

Information below and ongoing updates will appear at – please check this site regularly during orientation for ongoing updates regarding class availability and other changes.  We are currently out of seats in BIOL 111, MATH 100, 117, 131, and 161 – updates will be posted at this link.   Student attendance list is attached, […]

BIOL 101-013 (Duffie) Overrides

You may now override students into Dr. Duffie’s BIOL 101-013 (#4026 – no associated discussion section) up to the stated enrollment limit.  As I write this, there are 14 seats left.  We will leave the restriction on the course so that current students do not snatch up the seats.

PSYC 101 – Updated Caps (do not exceed!)

Are permitted under the following conditions: *Granted only for psych, neuroscience, nursing, and social work majors. *Overrides should not exceed the following limits for the following sections: Section 001 (MWF 815-905, #1277) – Not to exceed 150 total students Section 002 (MWF 1025-1115, #1278) – Not eligible for overrides over stated limit (some people have […]