Freshmen Nursing Students with Failures

  If a student passes GNUR 155/ GNUR 160 lecture but fails GNUR 155L / GNUR 160L, they will only have to repeat GNUR 155L/ GNUR 160L. Similarly if they fail GNUR 155/ GNUR 160 lecture but pass GNUR 155L / GNUR 160L, they only have to repeat GNUR 155/ GNUR 160 lecture. If a […]

Core Repeat Reminders

Grades of “D” or higher fulfill Core requirements (but grades of “C-“ or higher are needed to fulfill major requirements in most cases). Example:  if a political science major takes PLSC 100 and earns a final grade of D, then that student would earn Tier 2 Philosophical Core credit but still must retake the course […]

IB Test Abbreviation Guide

Below is the abbreviation guide for IB tests as they are currently listed in LOCUS. Please utilize this website to see which scores we accept. AF- Africa HL AM- Americas HL ANTH- Social/Cultural Anthropology AS- Asia & Oceania HL BUSM- Business and Management BY- Biology CH- Chemistry CS- Computer Science DANCE- Dance DT- Design Technology […]

Learning Community LC Waivers

If you are granting a waiver to a Learning Community student (so they are not required to register for the spring LC course), please hang onto those for the time being and await further instructions – do not email Sam the student’s name and LID at this time. As a reminder, students should only be […]

Noyce Scholars Program

LUC’s Noyce Scholars program seeks out talented science, engineering, and mathematics majors to become secondary math and science teachers.  Through the program you can: Receive up to $30,000 in tuition support Earn a Bachelor of Science in Education or a Master of Education through LUC Become eligible for Illinois teaching certification and International Baccalaureate certification […]